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Lussaria, S.J. Molloy

Lussuria (The Luminara Series)


Lussaria, S.J. Molloy
Book 1 in The Luminara Series.
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

So, after FSoG there’s any number of erotic romances come out, hundreds, thousands even, of them..Some good, some dire and it’s difficult to choose what to read. This one sounded one of the better ones though, and though I’ve some reservations that I’ll explain later I did enjoy this novel.
Lexi, god what that girl has been through. A real nightmare, but she’s damaged to get herself in a semblance of normal, with a strong group of friends and family, and she’s now a self employed Physiotherapist. I admire her, but she’s still living in the shadow of her past, has panic attacks, nightmares and at 26 (I think) she still hasn’t been able to have a relationship. (very understandable given her past). She craves a normal life but fears it too, and so far she’s on a kind of treadmill, work, home, relax with friends and then try to sleep. She a very caring person as we can see from her looking after her elderly neighbour, and the way she is with her friends. Then she meets Lucca…..he steps into her clinic the day before she leaves for holiday, with a bad back. She helps him, recommends future treatment while she’s away, and though he asks her out and she feels a connection, she’s scared and says no. Lucca persists though and persuades her to consider it while on hol, and tell him when she gets back.
So far so good. Then she goes on hol and he’s there…in the villa where she’s staying. She’s freaked out, scared, has a panic attack but luckily her best friend Hazel is with her and helps her. She’s embarrassed at having drawn attention, Lucca is distraught at having upset her – turns out this is his grandparents business, and he stays there frequently when in Italy. He’s not stalking her as she feared for a moment. He manages to get her to talk to him, and accept his apology, he can see there’s clearly fears behind her breakdown but she doesn’t want to talk about it, and he respects that. Nevertheless over the next couple of days he somehow insinuates himself into her life and they’re quickly embarking on a torrid, passionate, sensual romance. Lucca is insatiable and Lexi finds she needs him, with him most of her fears melt away and she feels almost normal. There’s some wonderful days out, meetings with his family, lots and lots and lots of hot, erotic sex (– it almost went into realms of overkill, becoming dull – I’d turn a page and want more story, but they were having sex – again….sometimes less is more ) Then of course there’s drama when things go wrong, jealousies and problems to overcome…all the elements for a riveting read.

So what went wrong – why isn’t it five star for me – well, the endless File a/b/c became intensely annoying to me. I know authors need to have a hook, a unique selling point, and I guess that’s where this was aimed, but each time I read it I was File I for Irritated, A for Annoyed, F for Frustrated….its a tiny thing but became large to me. Then there’s the sex, its a good long book so there was plenty of story, but it’s hard to believe that Lexi could go from being terrified to even look at a strange man to a nymphomaniac in just a few days. There was so much of it too – I’ve found before that even though I love sensual sex scenes, too much and it becomes boring, dull and I find myself skipping parts to get to more of the actual story. There’s a balance needed.
When things go wrong with Lucca – and there are two specific incidents I’m thinking of – they’d be red flags for most people, and for someone with Lexi’s background I don’t see how she could just accept the explanation…and then after she’d had a head injury, numerous scratches and cuts and bad bruises, and surgery for a broken wrist that needed pinning, she could just go out clubbing two days later? And look so good a top photographer wants her to work with him? I’ve done broken bones 😦 and metal pins, and there’s no way I could even leave the home let alone go clubbing even a week later. Just moving hurt for the first few days….I know its fiction but we need some reality.
There are flashbacks through that bring up parts of Lexi’s background, the trauma that haunts her and that worked well. I did find the start very slow, the first 30% seemed to be going nowhere for me…and if it had not been a review book I’d probably have given up – that would be a real shame, because apart from the niggles I’ve mentioned its a great read. For me it could have been trimmed, made into a denser, tighter read, though I love long books everything needs to be relevant, and I felt lots of this wasn’t…still that’s just my opinion as ever 🙂 and its got lots of five star reviews so clearly works perfectly as it is for others.
Towards the end there’s an introduction to the drama that’s about to play out in the next book. I’m keen to get to that and see how things work out for Lexi and Lucca. Part two, L’Amore, is due out in June this year so not too long to wait. Lussaria is priced at £1.81 for 366 pages, great value.
Stars: Four, those little niggles brought it down, they aren’t major faults but too many to rate a five star for me.
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Don’t blackmail the Vampire. Tiffany Allee

Don't Blackmail the Vampire (Entangled Covet)


Don’t blackmail the Vampire Tiffany Allee

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

I’ve read several of Tiffany’s books now, and always enjoy the light-hearted, fun stories she produces. Having read and liked Don’t bit the Bridesmaid, I wanted to read this. Noah from the first book has two brothers, and its Charles who’s featured in this one, trying to find out who is threatening Noah’s wife.

Rachel, such a great girl, she’s worried about her sisters fiancé – he’s a sleaze, but Kirsten can’t seem to see it. She thinks she might be able to use the trip to somehow show her just what a jerk he is. So far though she hasn’t any ideas how – then she meets Charles. He’s feeding from a woman at the rear of the restaurant/bar area outside. He confidently tells her to ignore what she sees, and she promptly replies to him …he’s shocked, the Vampire mojo doesn’t work on her, and it could be a real problem. He doesn’t want her screaming “vampire, vampire” to everyone. They come to an agreement though, which leads to some very humour incidents.
Charles isn’t really afraid she’ll blackmail him, but he is intrigued by her, and its not long before they find themselves getting closer, very much closer, in her bed closer!

Rachel can’t quite believe what she’s doing, but Charles is hot, a great lover and she thinks why not have a holiday fling with him? He seems so normal she keeps forgetting he’s not, that he’s a vampire. Of course its never that simple, and when things come out, secrets and deceptions, set-ups and heartbreak, she feels lost.
Its a great fun read, sexy and humorous, and a great addition to the first novel. There’s another brother and of course Rachel’s sister Kirsten so I’m hoping there’s more novels to come. If you want a fun read that isn’t too deep and heavy this is perfect.
Stars: Four, another winner from Tiffany.
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Her Royal Masquerade,Her Royal Romance 1Natasha Moore

Her Royal Masquerade,Her Royal Romance 1Natasha Moore

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

So, I have a sneaky enjoyment sometimes of simple rags to riches love stories. This looked fun.
Vittorio, I felt he was out of line in his actions to Mia. Yes she did deceive him in not telling him who she really was but…surely it was the person he made love to that mattered, not the fact that he thought it was someone else? After all she wasn’t to know what he was planning for her cousin, and he didn’t tell her.
Then it all comes out, and poor Mia gets put in a terrible position. Its either admit to everyone what she and her cousin have done – and who knows what consequences that will result in, Vittorio’s father could cause great problems if he wanted. Her only other choice is to be his mistress til her cousin gets in touch…and she’s such a playgirl selfish person that could be ages. And it is, long enough for Vittorio to really feel strongly about Mia.
Mia, she was such a doormat at times. I couldn’t understand why she’d agreed to swap places in the first instance, although her cousin was very used to being manipulative, but then when she went along with Vittorio’s suggestions, knowing how she’d be viewed back home, I felt she needed to get a back bone and stand up for herself. Still, if she did where would that leave the book 🙂
Overall it was an ok read, not bad, not great either though for me. I like my heroines to be a bit more self confident, to stand up for themselves not roll over and give in.
Stars: three.
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For The Love of Quinn, Now and Forever, Book One, Tammy Dennings Maggy


For The Love of Quinn, Now and Forever, Book One, Tammy Dennings Maggy
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

I love long novels and this one is 628 pages so was looking forward to a good erotic romance. Sadly though I found that I think I’d have enjoyed it more if it was shorter.
There were long periods when nothing really seemed to be happening, where the text added nothing to the story.
I liked Quinn, and her lovely family, thought Steve was just a real gentleman and almost too good to be real, but his explanations for his actions were genuine and rang true. I think with his history he was content to enjoy life as it came, and not strive for what he felt he wouldn’t get. He just wanted Quinn happy.
Jake, well he annoyed me, he did all the things he promised he wouldn’t, treated Quinn appallingly and if I was her I’d have given up on him long past. So OK that wouldn’t work well in the book 🙂 but I really felt given their lack of real contact that she hung on when anyone sensible as she was would have given up. I didn’t understand why he kept Quinn dangling while going out with Iris, who was a real piece of work. Instead of seeing sad, lost romance, soul mates parted etc all I saw was a selfish jerk giving a lovely lady the run-around and a great man (Steve) holding back because of that. I know Jake gave his reasons – they weren’t enough for me though. Quinn was intelligent, so why she let herself be treated like this didn’t work well for me. I know about her history but instead of sorry for her I wanted to shake her, to shout “stop being a doormat”….
The erotica, well there’s sex in the book, lots of it but for me it takes more than just lots of hot sex to make a book erotic. The scenes were so similar, basic hot sex, little foreplay, nothing really adventurous or different, that to me its a romance with sex scenes not an erotic romance. Fine definition but that’s how I see it.
Stars: three. A decent read but not as good as I’d expected.
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It’s Complicated, L.A.Witt.

It's Complicated (Tucker Springs)


It’s Complicated, L.A.Witt.
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
My second visit to Tucker Springs, and it was great to see more of Nathan and Ryan, I loved their story. So – what a nightmare for any couple, when one partner finds out he’s made his ex pregnant, from a one night, impetuous fling when they were on a break….but when your partner is another man just think how he feels. Poor Brad is so in love with Jeff, but they seem to be in a rut of rows, breaks and reconciliations. He’s already jealous of Jeff’s ex Christine, they share a business and have to work long hours, and lets be honest – who wouldn’t have that momentary doubt in that situation, even if you do think you trust the other person…then poor Brad’s worst nightmare comes true with the news of the baby. He’s insecure already, Jeff won’t commit yet to marriage or adoption with him, and yet Christine has had the marriage, though they’re now divorced, and with a child on the way there’s another tie to her that makes him feel further down the list of priorities.
They’re a great couple and I really felt for Brad. He loves Jeff, but his jealousy is understandable to me….and then of course it seems as though its vindicated, just at the moment they’re attempting a reconciliation. I felt Jeff could have been a bit more understanding – he seemed to feel that Brads jealousy was unfounded, and it appeared to irritate him when it was mentioned, but anyone working long hours, often into early morning, would create friction with a partner. Then Christine says she’s moving to Denver to be closer to her family. That leaves Jeff to decide if ferrying a child back and forth is a solution, something both are worried might prove difficult for them and the child, and which still leaves him with even more time restraints. It means he’ll be working even longer hours covering Christine’s time too, and already his hours are a source of friction, or should he move himself and the business closer. Where does that leave Brad though – feeling lower down the line than ever 😦 Jeff won’t seek professional help though Brad’s keen for them to see a counsellor, he feels it will help them sort out the problems they already have, let alone this new hiccup. Jeff is adamant he doesn’t trust them, tried that with Christine and he feels that made they situation worse. I think he’s being really unfair, and his intransigence doesn’t help reassure Brad that he’s a priority. You can say all you like that you love someone but when there are problems action is needed too, and only Brad is willing to take that it seems.
Its a story full of questions to which there don’t seem to be answers, whichever way they move someone is going to be left unhappy. I puzzled over different solutions but couldn’t come up with any if things stayed as they were, but L.A. As always finds an answer that fits perfectly and though its hard work everyone is happy.
Stars: Four, great read. I was a little edgy after the pregnant ex angle but its a one night, unintended time, when they were both stressed after working late and he and Brad were on a break so not cheating as such. Though that adds to some books, there were already enough problems for them to deal with and that really would have been a step to far IMO.
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The Pleasures of Spring, Evie Hunter

The Pleasures of Spring


The Pleasures of Spring, Evie Hunter.
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
I loved the Winter and Autumn versions, somehow missed on Summer ( so many books so little time !) and was excited to get to Spring. It must be tough though, keeping up the momentum of previous books, and winter is still my favourite. This one has the same hot, erotic and steamy encounters, fabulous realistic characters but I felt the storyline let it down.
I loved Roz, its clever the way authors take people we’ve learned to hate/dislike and turn them around. In this book we see Roz from her own side, and its very, very different to what we’d learned of her through others eyes. She blames her sister for leaving her, when in fact no one believed there was a twin. Sad side to the story, and eventually in Autumn we learned she was right, and Roz did exist, but their dad had filled her with hatred for her mothers family, and twisted the story so that she never sought them out, but always felt the need for revenge for being abandoned. So from not liking Roz I’ve done a complete turnaround…..and was hoping everything finally work out for her. Roz is devious, on the run from a murderer who she saw killing someone in the last novel, Interpol want her as a witness too, and try to trace her but she’s not keen on that idea. She’s learned the only person she can lean on, depend on to keep her safe is herself. Its been a tough upbringing where she’s had to do all sorts of things and live off her wits.
Andy McTavish is the security expert charged with finding her, though he’d do it anyway. From their first meeting he’s been fiercely attracted to her, and she to him but they’ve never had a chance to act on it. He’s determined to bring her in, and keeps telling himself about the golden rule – no sha gging the clients 🙂 Somehow though when they do finally catch up, that one gets thrown away. They are a terrific duo, hot, sensual love scenes and some sharp, funny and witty dialogue between them.
Where it fell down for me was the story line, I was fine with the “on the run” link from the last book, but the detour into the horse racing scam was just a step too far into fantasy for me. I need my fiction to at least have its roots in reality, but this…nope,. No way. You can’t learn to ride in one easy session, you can’t pull a champion racehorse out of thin air, even the best forger can’t work those documents and pass off an untrained hack as a top champion in the making…I just felt that was something that belonged in the books of my horse mad childhood, where kids ran riding stables while staying with ancient uncles, or found racehorses abandoned that they trained in secret or held gymkhanas without any adult help…..I’m not twelve any more though, and I can’t make myself believe in that scenario. I’d guessed way before what the connection was too….I’m old enough to remember Shergar – and all the jokes The kidnappers have sent a ransom note for his return, along with a leg to prove they have him…Its this part that brought the novel down from five stars for me 😦
Stars: Four, a sexy erotic read, but the storyline needs a bit too much suspension of reality for me.
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An Unsuitable Husband, Ros Clarke


An Unsuitable Husband, Ros Clarke
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
An Entangled book, so although Ros is new to me I know that I’ll almost certainly enjoy the read. Ros has written several books so well worth a look if well written, gentle, easy to read romance is what you want.
This has the elements I love, people with opposite ideals, a bit of jealousy and lots of drama. Its not a long read but packs a lot in, and everything contained is relevant to the story. I read one recently where pages were devoted to people and plots that actually added nothing to the book, and were never resolved. I find that frustrating but luckily Entangled seem to be quite tight in editing, so that although these novels are (to me ) short, they are on the point all the while. No trailing lose ends here 🙂
Theresa, I felt for her problems with her rather steamroller type mum. She loved her dearly, but mum was determined one of her daughters would have the big white wedding she could tell everyone at their club about…Now Theresa has reached thirty her mum is pressing all sorts of men on her as possible husbands, and though she means well enough is enough. Theresa was incredibly uptight as a person though, very determined to make partner at work, and didn’t need the aggravation disappointing her mum caused. I found her to be a bit cold at times, she was so work focussed she lost sight of what else was important in life.
Emile ( swoon) he’s gorgeous, playboy, flirt, and stuck with a clinging ex girlfriend, who values his wallet more than him. She’s not letting go of her dreams to be a rich wife..and alongside that there’s all the notoriety he seems to attract in the tabloids. The club feels its time for him to present a more stable front – or they may not renew his contract. Marriage – of the temporary sort – suits both of them, and sexually they’re off the charts so that’s a big bonus. A real friends with benefits relationship, with a short, easy end date, quickie divorce, that will get them both through a rough patch.
I loved Emile’s introduction to Theresa’s parents. She’s told him to dress down, and he did the bad boy bit perfectly –jeans, leather jacket, shirt to show of his tattoos, stubble, even played it down to what he said….poor mum, she certainly wasn’t expecting that! Made me snigger.
Of course neither Emile nor Theresa were expecting to find they were developing feelings for each other. Emile was OK with it, but Theresa was horrified – terrified maybe is more accurate. It seemed to me she had such a rigid hold on her life and control, she was afraid to let go and let real feelings in. We know though, that emotions just can’t be controlled. She tried hard, insisting on her own way all the while, keeping her name, refusing to wear clothes Emile bought – even though there were no sinister intentions, just genuine kindness, staying at her own home, at times she was so intransigent it was irritating. I could have shook her, she was throwing Emile’s kind intentions back in his face. She just saw his presents as him trying to control her, never bothered looking behind for another motive. Then the drama…that was played out really well, hung out over time, and let lots of emotion in. I loved the Prada angle too – what a name, but perfect for a would be WAG, and suited the leeching person Emile’s ex was. She wasn’t giving in, and I just love those kinds of people in a book. Overall a fun read, not a keeper but a great one off. Its priced at £1.98, and though I don’t have length info I’d guess around 130-150 pages.
Stars: Four, enjoyable read but not one I’d re read.
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All Night Long, Black Halo 1, Madelynne Ellis

All Night Long (Black Halo, Book 1)


All Night Long, Black Halo 1, Madelynne Ellis
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
though this is a stand alone novel, it’s connected with two others Come Undone which features Xane from the band Black Halo and Daniella, a fan of the band and Anything But Vanilla where the island owners are friends of his and it becomes a refuge. This novel is similar to Come Undone but features Daniella’s friend Ginny and band member Ash, with smaller parts with other band members. It takes place mainly over the night of the big split, and the morning after. There’s sex, lots of it and at times involving all three men with Ginny. She’s a little more adventurous than flat mate Daniella! Ash finds Ginny tantalising, and she seems to bring out a different side of him. She’s prepared to give her No Relationships stance a rest by the next morning, maybe… feeling she and Ash have some kind of connection…but will he go for it? He’s renowned for his 3-4 or more girls a night, and does he want to change that?
Well, again a book to love. People who show they are more than just their image, tender moments interspersed with hot sex, and another side to the story that began with Come Undone. Its a great read with a real story, personalities to empathise with and that balance perfectly with the mix of sensuality in the novel. I need that balance of story first sex second, too many “erotic” books are just focussed on plenty of sex but no actual plot, nothing to carry the sex and put it into perspective, that does nothing for me, I need a good story. I’m really enjoying this series and look forward to more.
Stars: four and a half, really looking forward to what comes next. Other band members as individuals or – and I hope its this – more about what comes after the split, and the disaster that unfolded right at the end of Come Undone. This book was great but I need to know more…..
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Allie’s War Knight, J C Andrijeski


Allie’s War Knight, J C Andrijeski

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews.

Books in the Allie’s War series by JC Andrijeski: (episodes sold separately, too!)
Rook: Allie’s War Episodes 1-4
Shield: Allie’s War Episodes 5-8
Sword: Allie’s War Episodes 9-12
Shadow: Allie’s War Episosdes 13-17
Knight: Allie’s War Episodes 18-23
War: Allie’s War Episodes 24-27
Bridge: Allie’s War Episodes 28-31

Prequel Books
New York: Allie’s War Early Years
Revik: Allie’s War Early Years
Terian: Allie’s War Early Years

I love this series, now I’ve got in clear(ish!) in my head I can follow what’s happening so much better. Its still the personal parts and the personalities, rather than the battle scenes and plans that I enjoy best. I tend to skip the plans and battles, just skim reading them * blush* embarrassing…. but I do that with lots of books, wars and how they play out don’t move me but the people involved and what happens to them is really important to me.
Poor Allie; when I look back to book one she’s undergone such huge changes, both mentally and physically. Jon too has changed hugely, and in this book we see more of him and his thoughts. My heart breaks for him at one point – but there’s what came as a big surprise to me later in store for him 🙂 Allie and Revik finally get some time together and I loved that. They’ve had so many problems to overcome, Revik has undergone such a personality change but he feels more like the original Revik now. I love the interaction between him and Allie, they’re a well matched pair, and when we learn snippets from the past, such as when he was watching her when she thought she was just an “odd” human its really touching how he feels about her.
There’s the usual mix of plans working and plans going wrong, arguments and successes, Allie going out on a limb, Revik being his jealous self, more people out to get Allie, back stabbing, treachery, sometimes its hard to work out who really is on the “good” side, but finally I have worked out what the good side is!! It was great to keep up with some of the people I felt I was finally getting to know on a personal level, though even those are full of the unexpected at times. I love when Allie and Revik are together, that’s where their strength lies, and that’s what they need to do for themselves too, after all they seem to have spent more time apart than together, so to finally get them together through the whole book was a real treat. Plus of course it brings some hot sex scenes 🙂
Climatic ending too – not a real cliffhanger but something that’s been brewing for ages and has finally happened. It makes me wonder what JC has in store for the next book, this series is so full of the unexpected, so it’s hopeless trying to work it out in advance. Its a series that’s never dull, never predictable, incredibly complex and yet full of people and events that the reader can believe in. ….don’t try jumping in partway through – I think its one you need to read from book one to fully appreciate it.
Stars: as I said, this gets better and better so full five from me, and that’s from a type of read I never thought I’d enjoy!
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In His Sights, (Don’t Tell, novella),Rie Warren


In His Sights, (Don’t Tell, novella),Rie Warren
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

This is a M/M romantic novella from the Don’t Tell Series. It’s set in a dystopian future where the world has undergone catastrophe and control, and is kept tightly by The Company. There are rigid rules, homosexuality and freedom are simply not tolerated. Everyone is expected to conform and act as the companies says. The homosexuality intolerance is so rigid that death is the penalty – and only after some severe beatings of course… I rarely read novellas, especially of this type of dystopian society ( usually because I don’t understand the world created, but Rie has kept this one simple and even I could follow it!) but I enjoyed In His Command so agreed to review this story.
As in any society there are anarchists, and here they’re a group of people whole call themselves Freelanders. They live off the land, nurture it, respect each other, and allow themselves freedom to choose how they want to live with minimal rules other than respect for others and safety. The company hates them, regards them as vermin and has a shoot to kill policy – they call it cleaning up 😦
Hawke is one of the freedom fighters, and this begins with him on an infiltration mission, they like to keep the Company on its toes. He gets caught though…and thinks his time is up. However to his surprise the Corporal who has captured him, Mayce, doesn’t kill him, but instead acts on the intense feelings he has when he sees Hawke. That comes as a shock to both, with Mayce knowing if he’s caught its a death sentence. Still, he lets Hawke go and they make plans for further assignations. Its tough, difficult and dangerous, and on the way home from one of their meetings Hawke gets caught…..
Its a great tale of what happens when ideals get corrupted by power, as sadly seems inevitable 😦 From setting out to protect people after the disaster that changed everything the company has become a dictatorial, heavy handed regime, filled with bigots having the time of their lives. I’d be with the Freelanders, I hate that regimented type of society. They aren’t doing any harm, but just by being there the company see them as a threat. They want everyone under their control and so there’s an ongoing war. It’s 100 pages though I don’t yet have price info.
Stars: four – great read, full of fun, romance and things to think about..
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