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Protecting Fate, Katee Robert

Protecting Fate, Katee Robert
Genre:  Romance
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
I’ve enjoyed a couple of Katee’s novels, so was looking forward to this but though it was OK it didn’t really resonate with me. Sara has been exiled and is under the projection of her twin brothers’ best friend Z. She’s cross, doesn’t see why she’s been shunted aside, and feels she could look after herself. Still – its off to the country for a few days with Z.
I liked what I knew of both of them, but the interactions just didn’t feel real to me, and I was irritated by the choppy on, off, on and off again of things between them. Sara taunted him when she knew she was being unfair, and taking out on him her frustration over being grounded. For a top man, and one supposed to be so in control, Z soon lost it when faced with Sara’s tempting. That just didn’t feel right to me, it was too quick, really took place within the first 24 hours or so and I need a bit more lead in. Likewise when things went wrong it was all very sudden and then That happened….and it was all one big muddle for me with backgrounds I understood but working out in ways that didn’t add up for me. We didn’t really get much background to the characters, the events or their histories, and I felt that maybe  as this is number 6 in a series they were all connected books, rather than stand alones as I had thought, though the only names I recognise come in one book description? I’d don’t know – but if that’s it then it would explain why I felt a bit disconnected from everything.
Its a quick hot read, and if you’re less picky than me probably a five star but for me its just an OK read, not one I loved and not one I’d re read. That’s how it goes, everyone wants something different and thought I loved other reads of Katee’s this one just didn’t work so well.
Stars: Three, fun read but not quite there for me.
ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers.

Dark Wine, Beth Tashery Shannon
Genre: Literature/Fiction (Adult), Women’s Fiction
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
A step away from my usual HEA romances. Lured in by the Vampire tag – I do love those – it turned out to be very different to what I expected, and yet a deliciously satisfying read.
I felt for Catherine, given up ( temporarily at least ) her career and dreams to help husband Terry follow his. They have an “open” marriage, a concept I know people have, but which I just can’t see as working well….don’t see how you keep emotions like jealousy out, that’s just a personal view of course. Neither have had another partner for years, but when she sees Geoffrey there’s something that sparks between them and she’s tempted. Terry seems to be always busy at work, their plans to do so much, visit the ruins and the Pyramids have fallen to nothing, he simply doesn’t have time. If they hadn’t a open marriage I’d see her giving in to her attraction to Geoffrey in a different light, but its happened before for them both so…. This time though she keeps it to herself. Why? Maybe she just doesn’t want to share it – I get the feeling she’s a bit disappointed in, resentful of Terry for giving up all their plans so easily, even though she understands the stresses he’s under. Maybe its the warnings from different sources about Geoffrey, nothing tangible, but a kind of air of mystery, of being involved in illegal or immoral dealings – no-one can really come up with any proof, but it seems few people actually like him. Catherine gets drawn in though, he tries to turn her away, but the pull between them is too much.
When we learn more about him its a really sad issue, and although he’s needed to do what he’s done I couldn’t help feeling really sorry for him. He didn’t choose it, has no way out, faces a dire future, and though he loves Catherine he knows what will happen if she stays.
Its a real pull at the emotions story, no HEA, one that really saddened me for both of them. There’s a lot of questions posed, a lot of moral and ethical dilemmas…I loved the setting too, I felt right there with them, hearing the muezzins calling people to prayer, the bustle and vivacity of the markets, the quiet solitude of the pyramids. Perfect setting for the air of mystery that pervades the whole book. Of course I love my HEA, but for Catherine and Geoffrey it simply isn’t possible.
Stars: Stars: Five, a great read, incredibly sad and moving.
ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers

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